Purchasing Instagram Followers

You might ask yourself ‘why would I purchase Instagram followers?’ Well there are various reasons to that, but mostly to establish an online brand or get your brand out there. Instagram is now as famous as Facebook and Twitter if not more so users flock to Instagram. Each and every one of us knows how difficult it is to establish an account regardless of the platform. So where to buy Instagram followers paypal? We have just the website for you and it’s Social-Aid.com, of course you can choose another website, it’s ultimately up to you.

During the initial hours of any account it might look easy, you might think that it’s easy as pie and you’d gain thousands of followers within the next few hours. That’s could happen, but most of the time it doesn’t and the account owners end up frustrated. One factor that contributes to the slow increase in Instagram followers is the fact that potential followers want to follow an account that already has an established subscriber base. Aside from that, the account’s appearance as well as content is also taken into accounts. So as you can see, buying Instagram followers could save you tons of time, effort and frustration.



One of the company’s main concerns is to provide amazing services and benefits at surprisingly affordable prices. If you do decide to buy from them, you’re sure to receive the complete package that you paid for. But keep in mind that your followers are real people and no one can force them to follow your account forever. These followers are active in their own right, but the administrators still strongly advise account owners to continue and post stuff with amazing content that can attract potential followers as well as keep their current followers entertained. Here are some of the packages offered, each and every one arrived within 24 hours of a complete transaction:

HQ Followers


  • 250 HQ followers for $3.95
  • 500 HQ followers for $6.95
  • 1,000 HQ followers for $11.95
  • 1,500 HQ followers for $17.95
  • 2,500 HQ followers for $29.95
  • 5,000 HQ followers for $49.95
  • 7,500 HQ followers for $74.95
  • 10,000 HQ followers for $94.95


  • 20 comments for $9.95
  • 35 comments for $14.95
  • 50 comments for $19.95
  • 75 comments for $29.95
  • 100 comments for $39.95
  • 150 comments for $59.95
  • 200 comments for $79.95
  • 250 comments for $99.95

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