5 Best Oil Diffuser Essential Oil Recipes To Try

Having an oil diffuser at home allows you to experience the countless benefits associated with the use of essential oils at home. Through these oil diffusers, essential oils are dispersed into your homes, and a lot of these oils help you physically, mentally, or both. These benefits include being more relaxed, having more opened airways, as well as making one’s mood better. The following are some blends that are worth a try.

Energetic Mornings

If you want your mornings more energetic, and if you want to be stimulated to be more productive at work, then try diffusing equal parts of Peppermint and Wild Orange. The combination of these oils helps to increase alertness of the mind.

Mood Uplifting Blend

Three drops each for Wild Orange and Grapefruit, plus 2 drops each for Bergamot and Lemon helps make your homes have a more alive and cheerful atmosphere to it.

Relief from Allergies

If allergies is your problem, which can cause your nose to be congested, then this Allergy Relief blend, of 3 drops each for Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender helps to relieve nasal congestion, and thus allowing you to breathe. This comes in handy during the “allergy season”, which is in the spring and summer.

Bye-Bye Germs!

If you want to get rid of various airborne bacteria, then diffusing certain essential oils can help. Simply add 4 Drops of Shield, 1 drop of Melaleuca, and 2 drops of Lemon essential oils into your diffuser. This blend helps to keep respiratory illnesses at bay.

The Creepy-Crawly Repellent

Spiders, ants, fleas, and other bugs are usually rife during the summer season. If you don’t want them from getting in the way between you and some good sleep, then diffuse 4 drops each of Spearmint, Citronella, and Peppermint plus a single drop of lemongrass. These oils also help you cool down.